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[YUY013-A]    [YUY013-B]

A1 Is It For Sale Or Is It Free?
A2 Don’t Sell Our Knowledge
A3 Earning
B1 There Is Nothing Wrong
B2 Knots
B3 Exploitation / Liquidation
These 6 mystic Electro excursions are all about sharing knowledge. The wisdom is here, you just have to decode it. YUY013 marks a turning point in YUYAY's rigour. The old researchers are all but forgotten. The originators appear.

“The Yskay were located at an unknown territory in a bygone epoch. We learn from their high culture by analysing these sonic relics. Yskayan knowledge was common property. It was free. It was for everyone. It was in everyone. And so it grew. And so it grows.”
[YUY012-A]    [YUY012-B]

A1 Non-Trivial Zeros
A2 Random Walk (We Sought)
A3 Einwerthig
A4 So Lange Sie Convergiren
B1 Im Mittel Übereinstimmend
B2 Um Ein Grössengebiet
B3 Slight Change
B4 Constant
"We value everything. That is, we assign values to objects and we assign values to a being's behaviour. Notably, we think mathematics incorporates the first and philosophy the latter. However, the Yskayan approach teaches us that both disciplines converge to the same point anyway, if pursued long enough."
[YUY011-A]    [YUY011-B]

A1 Mercuric Oxide
A2 Redox
A3 Liquid Phlogiston
B1 Saline Principle Of Water
B2 Rad Vapors
B3 Phosphorous Match
"Nomenclature is an integral part of any society. E.g., today's western science can only make sense of oxygen if it is sorted into a scale as its 8th element. And because it's only a matter of nomenclature, fire can exist without oxygen. About 300 years ago in Phlogiston Theory it instead was called Fire Air. Yskay scientists called the same substance The Sun's Colonizing Soul. You see, we often talk about the same without even realising it."
01 Introvert
02 Telefon
03 Modern Wave
04 Speedway
05 Matrixprinter
06 Lem
07 AM Transmitter
08 Auto Radio
09 56k Modem
10 Spektrumworld
11 Floppydisc
12 Nostalgie
13 FM Transmitter
14 Datalab
15 Telefax
16 Retroman
17 SL-1200
18 UKW
19 Kinofilm
20 Midi

This is the story about a love affair with once modern technologies. It's told by Soviet drum machines and Sci-Fi synth lines arranged in playful minimalism and mixed with Detroit futuristics.

A Leipzig label collaboration between YUYAY, PossblThings and R.A.N.D. presents this multifaceted music by Kirill Junolainen.

// Vinyl LP, including the following tracks:
A1 Introvert
A2 Modern Wave
A3 Datalab
A4 Auto-Radio
A5 FM Transmitter
A6 Retroman
B1 Floppydisc
B2 Telefax
B4 AM Transmitter
B5 Lem

01 16mbit
02 94V-O
03 GP-20 Accelerate
04 Hz52BChromblond
05 Salman Bronkhorst
06 MDK44 - Transit To Nowhere
07 Karl-Heinz Günther
08 55TSCUnited
09 Fuck Mars, We're On Earth Now
10 TRQ21 Pasadena
11 707xYuy
13 The Square Of Any Planet
14 16mbit (Robyrt Hecht Remix)
15 TRQ21 Pasadena (Varum Remix)

Life is full of splendid but fleeting moments. As is this album. Filled with songs of ever changing bliss. You don't want them to end. This is a modern take on Rephlexish-Warpy IDM embedded in that Electro groove from the land of milk & honey. Put your feet up, it's time for a break from work.

Crafted by XY0815, with remixes by Varum and Robyrt Hecht. Mastered by Hypnoid.
[YUY006lp-A]     [YUY006lp-B]

A1 Oblivious Traveller (Leaving Home)
A2 Chord Memory
A3 Accumulator
A4 57 Square Acids
B1 Tape Rider
B2 Distortion To Nowhere
B3 Sunrise Faders
B4 Rand (45)
"Any mental or material object is embedded in another and contains another. Is this chain finite? In which direction? Would the knowledge about an all containing object allow us to derive all truths; or rather the knowledge about an unique subset of all existent objects? The Yskay may have been able to state and prove a holistic theory based on a consistent axiomatic system by allowing its axioms to be linguistically inexpressible."

Video to "Chord Memory"
Video to "Tape Rider"

Originally released digitally in 2015. Re-released as vinyl LP in 2017.

[YUY009-A]    [YUY009-B]

A1 Chord Memory (Hyboid's Galactic Memory)
A2 Chord Memory (Robyrt Hecht's Pivot Memory)
A3 Execute
B1 Chord Memory (Milium's Mutiny Memory)
B2 Chord Memory (CCO's Echoic Memory)
B3 Memory Loss
"Chord Memory! The hymn for the widely used feature in 80s hardware synthesizers got some individual rewiring done: When ten fingers ain't enough, Hyboid uses his Galactic Memory for punchy disco purposes, while Robyrt Hecht reaches for a swinging Pivot Memory to sweep and swipe your electro habits. On the other hand Milium likes the exposed wires of his Mutiny Memory to revolt, whereas CCO simulates his natural Echoic Memory with floating acid sparks. Completing the mechanical rewiring the duo Nachtzug added delicate software to Execute the algorithms and installed a Memory Loss button, for if you are in need of a reset."

Video to "Memory Loss"
[YUY008-A]    [YUY008-B]

A1 Geometry Of Planar Imagination
A2 Adaptive Unary Operator
A3 Drop Deconvolution
B1 Enclosing Envelope Algebra
B2 The Survivalist's Triangulation
B3 Verdicial Mimesis
"One reason why the Yskay were well advanced in scientific matters was their method of using endomorphisms for self-reflection: Reconstruction of one's mental activities in new micro- or macroscopic arrangements via selected structure-preserving transformations. We know; we just have to connect thoughts."
[YUY007-A]    [YUY007-B]

A1 Polyfoil Plaines Are Withering
A2 Conjuring Zeta Function
A3 Les 859 Quartos De Legendre
B1 Jacobisches Umkehrproblem
B2 No Pole Has Been Lifted
"Calculating the kernel of our being requires us to expand the axis of real values. By implication, we are in need of imaginary values in order to grasp truths. Essentially the Yskay already formulated complex structures on manifolds and implented them in their philosophy. Special rites were used to locate branch points of the mind - origins of inspriration and understanding."
[YUY005-A]    [YUY005-B]

A1 Fluxions
A2 Hyperbolic Motors
B1 Ad Infinitum
B2 Ficticious Solution
"The imagination, which faculty derives from sense, is very much strained and puzzled to frame clear ideas of the least particles of time, and much more so to comprehend the moments, before they become finite particles. The further the mind analyseth and pursueth these fugitive ideas, the more it is lost and bewildered. The incipient celerity of an incipient celerity, the nascent augment of a nascent augment. The clear conception of it will, if I mistake not, be found impossible. Whether it be so or no I appeal to the trial of every thinking being." (George Berkeley)
[YUY004-A]    [YUY004-B]

A1 Natura Non Facit Saltus
A2 Circumfluent Deduction
A3 Autodidactic Sun Ritual(0011)
B1 Alphabet of Human Thought
B2 Palaeontologische Determinante
B3 The Unconscious Mind
"Resulting from observations of the movement of clouds and luminaries, the accurate and sound route to the core of the earth - the Yskay's path of enlightenment - is fulfilled by a special spiral through the earth crust. Astonishingly similar to the later described Fibonacci or golden spiral."
[YUY003-A]    [YUY003-B]

A1 Anvendt Kvantemekanikk
A2 Forsvinnende Transformasjonsgrupper
A3 Elementarpartikkel
B1 Uniformt Kontinuerlig Anemi
B2 Antici Calcul Indic Domin
B3 Nilpotent Lie-Algebra
"Surprisingly perhaps, the Yskay had already gained a high level of abstract mathematical skills. Thus their scientific investigations of substantial as well as of theoretic matter lead them to further insights on a variety of sciences; mathematics being their prime domain of accomplishments."
[YUY002-A]    [YUY002-B]

A1 Navegación Transsolar
A2 Stellar Constellation Embodiment
A3 Correspondencia Del Elemento No-Nulo
B1 Universes Being Repeatedly Created
B2 Portrayal Of The Pathways
"Tattered and worn out magnetic tape from mathematician Rey Y. Pastor referring to research regarding the Yskay has shown the magnificence of their cosmographic knowledge. Not only did the tribe know about the spherical shape of the earth, moreover - in another symbolism - they also had been familiar with the elemental compostion of the earth, its atmosphere and beyond."
[YUY001-A]    [YUY001-B]

A1 Reliable Sun Ritual (0001)
A2 Twofoldness
A3 Pathway Beyond The Logic Gate
B1 Prominent Sun Ritual (0010)
B2 Leibniz' Vierspeziesrechenmaschine
B3 Bidual Monomorphismus
"The Yskay tribe was located at a rather unknown territory in a bygone epoch. As did many ancient tribes, the sun was gloriously worshiped by all of the Yskay, which let them see the sun as their ultimate object of desire. Research by highly profiled scientists such as Gottfried Y. Leibniz has shown that the Yskay regarded the sun as the earth's core itself - or as the Yskay would describe it: their bijective image respectively. Thus knowing the path to the middle of the earth is equivalent to reach out for the sun."
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